"Pari sur l'enfance" II A nonprofit association created to support orphans and child beggars II Donate

Orphans and child beggars certainly do not have an easy childhood; but as Graham Greene said:

“There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.”

Convinced that we all can participate in the opening of that door and help these children have a better future, “Pari sur l’enfance” has been created.

“Pari sur l’enfance” could be translated as “Invest in the future, invest in the children”. It is a nonprofit association, created under the French law of July 1st, 1901. The project was launched in April 2017.

The association supports orphans and child beggars. First actions will take place in Senegal.
As soon as the association gets the necessary funds to assist more countries, necessary means will be deployed to help more orphans and child beggars.

Just like those associations which exist for more than 30 years, we aim to sustain “Pari sur l’enfance” to quantitatively and qualitatively improve the aid granted. But only YOU, yes YOU, dear readers, potential contributors, hold the keys to this success.
By making donations, by talking about “Pari sur l’enfance” and by inviting people to support us, we will reach our GOALS.
Three were set.

First goal: Provide basic needs

This includes food, health care and clothing.
Mattresses and blankets will be provided too. Walking unshod all day with an empty stomach and dirty clothes, then coming home to sleep on a mat would be a hard thing to do for the most of us; but that’s how most child beggars spend their days.


Second goal: Support child education

  • Regarding orphans, “Pari sur l’enfance” will ensure that children at the relevant age to start kindergarten, pre-school or school get registered and provided with educational materials.
    Our finances will not allow us to register all children in private schools. However, we guarantee that they will go to good establishments selected with the greatest respect of children’s right to a good education.
    If the distance between the school and the orphanage is too far, transport costs will be provided by the association.
  • Regarding child beggars, their insertion in school will be a bit more complicated. Indeed, most children have already surpassed the age to attend school. In this case, we’ll try to find a solution, together with the people responsible of them, to help children have a vocational training: e.g. carpentry, masonry, plumbing, IT, etc.
    Children, with a non-advanced age, will be registered at school.


Third goal: Thanks to secure projects, promote the financial autonomy of orphanages and houses/sites where child beggars live

Because supporting them is helping them become financially independent, “Pari sur l’enfance” will help its beneficiaries launch and develop their own projects.
The association will then provide zero-rated microcredits.
The reiumbursement will be in long-term and adapted to the situation of each beneficiary. The amount reiumbursed will be used to help other orphans and child beggars.
Important : each of these projects will be attentively directed by the association team to ensure the good management but specially to make sure that the benefits will be used for the child beggars and orphans needs.


These are our three goals. We are aware that this is a real challenge but we can make it and WE will. Every single one of us has a piece of the PUZZLE, we simply have to fit it in.