"Pari sur l'enfance" II A nonprofit association created to support orphans and child beggars II Donate

Members of “Pari sur l’enfance” are not entitled to receive cash, checks/cheques or any money transfer. All donations must be directly sent to the association via the options below.

“No one can help everyone but everyone can help someone.”


Pot to raise funds

Click here to access to the pot.
The goal is to help construct a french-arabic school in Senegal.

PayPal or credit card

No matter which country of residence you are in, you can send your donation via the Paypal system thanks to the “Donate” button.
For those who don’t have a Paypal account, it is possible to send donations by credit card by clicking on the same “Donate” button then by selecting the credit card option.
Any help is welcome.

Bank transfer

Two bank accounts are available for the moment: one in France and one in Senegal.
Please, don’t hesitate to choose regular transfers (to the possible extent). That will help the association sustain its actions.
Any help is welcome.

Click here to download the bank details of the bank account in France
Bank details of the bank account in Senegal will be available soon

Orange Money

Donations can also be sent via Orange Money using this number : 77 414 47 81.

In-kind donation

As we currently lack the means to bring items from abroad to Senegal, material aids can be received only in Senegal for now.
The association accepts any product useful to orphans and child beggars: food, clothes, educational materials, blankets, bed linen, bottle warmers, diapers, towels, baby bottle, soap, baby talc, body lotion, toys, etc.
When you plan to bring your donation, please do not hesitate to talk about it to collect as much aid as possible.
Any help is welcome.

Mobile number for in-kind donations: +221 77 270 17 83
Email: partenaires-donateurs@parisurlenfance.com

Any new way to send donations will be added on this page