"Pari sur l'enfance" II A nonprofit association created to support orphans and child beggars II Donate

Statutory members are the founder & president, the treasurer, the secretary and the responsible of volunteering actions.
Non-statutory members are ambassadors and volunteers.

Founder and President

The association is the result of a mature thought, a project in the making for over three years.
After all the hard work, no effort will be spared to make “Pari sur l’enfance” known and recognized for its actions.


In order to collect as much donations as possible, the association will have volunteered ambassadors in several countries: USA, Canada, Senegal, France, India, Dubaï, Algeria, Brazil, Turkey, Singapore, Morocco, Mauritania, etc.
Their mission is to promote “Pari sur l’enfance” and make it known. This website and our social networks will help on the communication.

Other Members

The association also has a treasurer, a secretary, volunteers and a responsible of volunteering actions.


Adja Maimouna
Founder and president

Ndèye Mariama

Mame Ibrahima

Adja Bineta
Responsible of volunteering