"Pari sur l'enfance" II A nonprofit association created to support orphans and child beggars II Donate

Choice of the association’s name

As the initial name reminded too much the title of a famous book, the father of the association founder suggested eight new names. By a familial vote, “Pari sur l’enfance” becames the new name.
Besides, it fits perfectly with the goals of the association which aims to help each child:


Have a safe place to live in


Be surrounded by people who care about and take care of him/her


Have access to health care: disease prevention and treatment


Have a good education


Be protected


Have a good alimentation


Have decent clothes


This addresses real challenges in a child’s life. Challenge can mean “Pari” in French and child’s life means “enfance”. So, this fits perfectly with the association’s name: “Pari sur l’enfance”.

Choice of the logo

The logo has been created based on the will above: help each child get his/her fundamental needs.


A silhouette has been chosen to reflect each child regardless of his/her origin.

Choice of the slogan

Slogan: A good future starts with a good preparation since childhood.

By fulfilling the children’s needs, we increase their chances to succeed in life. That success will participate in the development of their city, so in the one of their nation and therefore in the development of the world.



Carlos Slim: “Most people think they need to make a better world for their children but the reality is we need to make better children for our world.”