"Pari sur l'enfance" II A nonprofit association created to support orphans and child beggars II Donate

For 2018, PARI SUR L’ENFANCE launch several projects as described below.

Project 1 : First need donations provided to 107 children

The action took place in May 2018.
To know more about it, please don’t hesitate to watch the interesting video below.


Project 2 : A roof, mattresses and blankets for children

Many children sleep on a mat.
This is quite difficult for children who do not go to school, who live far from their parents, who do not eat well, and who have no access to health care; so, the ideal would be for them to at least be able to sleep comfortably on a mattress with a blanket.
Another problem is that the children roof has several holes. Thus, when it rains, the water falls down the children.
The goal of this second project is to help children have three basic needs : a good roof, mattresses and blankets.
With donations, each of us can help.


Project 3 : Happy orphanages

PARI SUR L’ENFANCE aims to bring some smiles to orphanages too.
The association will provide basic needs for children : food, baby bottles, diapers, clothes, craddles, towels, soap, baby talc, body,…
Join us ; make a donation, and help us bring some smiles.


Project 4 : A meal for children

This project will be run during the whole year. The goal is to find some families that will accept to offer, every day, a meal to a child beggar.
The child will just come to the family house and get the meal.
If it is complicated for the family to offer a meal every single day, they can choose the frequency that suits them the most.
Any help is welcome.